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I use 2 different types of wire to knit on my machine:-

0.2mm enamelled copper wire which you need to use a few strands together - I usually use 4, but you can use up to 7 on a standard gauge machine.
It comes on 175metre reels (weight 50g) at 3.50 each or Special Offer 4 reels for 12 - enough to make 30-40 small bracelets! 

There are 21 colours in stock at the moment. Most photographed below. Rose Gold, a very pale shell pink, Gilt and Salmon (similar to Wine) are not shown but are in stock. Some colours are hard to photograph and they are quite reflective. I have added the names of the colours as written on the reel, however, I have given further details below. All colours which are called " Supa" are enamelled on top of silver plated copper to make them extra shiny. Click on the images to see larger than life.

I also have in stock -
Non tarnish Silver Plated Copper wire 0.2mm 125metres 2.50
Real Gold Plated Copper wire 0.2mm 50gram 12.00

Vivid Green Supa Green* Opaque Green Ice Blue* Supa Emerald* Leaf Green Supa Chartreuse*
Black Gunmetal Mid Brown Special Brown** Warm Gold Light Gold Supa Champagne
Wine* Vivid Red Bright Violet Supa Baby Pink Supa Violet** Dark Purple* Opaque Violet
Dark Blue Supa Blue* Opaque Blue Smoked* Supa Lilac Supa Clear Opaque White

If colour is temporarily out of stock, it has an*, and ** if discontinued.

Top row - Ice blue is actually a pale green, halfway between Supa Green and Supa Clear
Second row - Special Brown wire is 0.16mm (very slightly thinner than 0.2mm), but knits up well when mixed in with other 0.2mm wires. It is halfway between Mid Brown and Warm Gold. Warm Gold (pinker and more coppery) and Light Gold (more orangey) are similar in tone.
Third row - Bright violet is a bright Fuchsia and several shades darker than Supa Baby pink which is a sugar pink. Dark purple is a few shades darker than Supa Violet though it looks similar in the photographs.
Fourth row - Dark Blue is quite grey and a good dark neutral shade. Supa Blue is paler and more blue than the photo shows. Smoked is a very shiny super grey - great for mixing in. Supa Clear is Silver colour

TIPS ON CHOOSING COLOURS If you are choosing 4 reels, I suggest choosing your favourite colour, a good contrast colour that you also like, a dark neutral and a lighter neutral. That will give you the maximum variety of colour and tone combinations. You can always mix in a sewing thread to change the colour slightly - even a variegated embroidery thread looks great!

0.25mm plastic coated wire which is the easiest to use (you can even unravel it and knit it again), currently silver, matt black and shiny black in stock.
10m reels cost 2 each - enough to make 2-3 pairs of earrings. 
You use this wire single strand as you would use 4 ply yarn!
100m reels cost 15
If you are knitting by hand, then this is the type of wire I would recommend as it is not too hard on the fingers.

Shiny Clear (silver), Lilac is no longer available, Matt Black and Shiny Black

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