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Tassel with Droplets - Click Here for a larger imageTassels are great fun to make on the knitting machine and are so quick and easy. I hang them all over our house, on hooks and handles on doors, on furniture, and with a long cord tied in a special knot as a tieback.

I have developed a way of making tassels on the knitting machine using some of my huge stash of machine knitting yarns that I have acquired over more than 20 years of machine knitting.
The type I have concentrated on are those constructed on a wooden form and all 4 parts - the skirt, hanging cord, ruff and covering the wooden form involve the use of the knitting machine in some way.

Tie Back Tassel - Click Here for a larger imageI use almost every type of yarn, and most are successful - even yarns that are not suitable for knitting, like those that twist badly, are shaded through the cone or have endless knots! I tend to choose the yarns by colour rather than type, and of course I try not to have to buy any more! My yarn shelves are full! It's easy to co-ordinate the tassel with the colours in your room. You can use one yarn on it's own or use twenty or more within one tassel

Erica's Tassel Kit

A complete kit to make tassels on your knitting machine, click here for details.

Additional Information

Pink Tassel - Click Here for a larger imageSee some tassels made during Erica's one day Tassel Workshop at Undy Yarns in November 2000, click here.

Traditionally, to cover the wooden forms, they are wrapped with "gimp".
This is available from Texere Yarns (Bradford UK) in a wide choice of solid colours, both in 14 metre skeins and 140 metre cones.

Space dyed gimp in 10 metre skeins is available from Stef Francis (Devon UK) in a fantastic range of colours.

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