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Cording FootCording foot for Sewing Machine

This foot has several uses - I use it for -

  1. Machine couching - thread one or more strands of yarn through the hole/s and zig- zag over to hold down.
  2. To make a "lettuce" edge, thread with fishing line and zig-zag over, sewing right on the very edge of the knitting.
  3. Zig-zag over thread or cord to gather or stabilise, particularly during cut and sew.

This foot is illustrated and further uses are included in my book "Sewing Sampler".

Some have a single hole, which runs through the foot from front to back. The cord has to be threaded through the hole, which can be a little difficult, but there is no risk of the cord becoming unthreaded or shifting to one side in use. Others have grooves in the top of the foot and a grooved metal clip above, which holds the cords in place. There are usually 3 grooves, so either 1 or 2 or 3 cords can be used at the same time. This type are easier to thread, as the cord is slid in from one side until it is clipped in place. It is possible, however, for the cords to slip out of the correct grooves when sewing so constant checks must be made when using.

Choosing the Correct Foot for your Machine

It is important to choose the correct foot and fitting for your brand/model of machine.
Both generic and branded cording feet are available as clip on (with the ankle if required), short shank, long shank or Bernina fittings. The following pages take you through the steps needed to choose your foot. Start by choosing the correct fitting from the Sewing Machine Feet Diagrams.

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