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Diane Bennett - To & Fro

"Pressing Matters was written by Erica Thomson after she began running a series of workshops demonstrating the pressing and finishing methods she uses. Each stage of the process, from selecting equipment to advice on a variety of garments, is explained in detail. Erica has also included lots of useful hints and tips and concludes with the ten key points for a really professional finish"

Machine Knitting News

"As the title suggests, it is everything you want to know about pressing your knitwear to achieve that perfect finish. Herself an experienced knitter and teacher of the subject, Erica wrote this from her personal knowledge. The book is well illustrated and covers equipment, blocking techniques, pressing sideways knitted skirts, shadow pleated skirts with many other ideas, information and original techniques on the one aspect of our craft that is often skimped or sloppily done to the detriment of our garments."

Andy Levick - Profitable Machine Knitting

"I thought this book excellent: it is divided into nine chapters, full of techniques, hints and tips, know-how and even how to cure disasters, and haven' t we all had some of those when we're pressing? I was very pleased with the section on hems of skirts and also on the edgings, one of which I did know about but the others I did not. Very well researched, written and illustrated, a book which every machine knitter should consider purchasing and is worth every penny of the price asked."

Keni Freeman - Machine Knitting Monthly

"This book says it all, from handling yarns to shadow pleated skirts. Erica, known for her workshops on pressing and finishing, has combined her knowledge with the written word to create this book. Illustrated by very clear photographs, it seems to be the definitive book on pressing"

Anne Rogers - Machine Knit America

"Erica covers joining methods and finishing details, knitting in marker tags - making the garment easier to put together. She includes information about knitting your first sideways knitted skirt - how to make it easier and making your tension piece. When you get to shadow pleated skirts, she has a foolproof way of checking the fit while still knitting. She concentrates on suits and skirts, because the information applies to all garments. This is a book all machine knitters need - from the first garment to those of the advanced knitter. It's the information needed sometimes before a piece comes off the machine, as these points are not dealt with in most patterns. A must own book."

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